Sexy heroine’s hot look in saree

Huma QureshiAll the heroines are known for their concern about their physique and fitness. Many of them will be very much firm on their diet and work outs. But there are few heroines who never cares about all that. For example, Huma Queshi is one actress who never cares about being slim and perfect figure keeps a heroine in game. Huma stays chubby in looks and choosy in films, though she has not made anything big yet in Bollywood. Often appears as showstopper at glittering fashion shows, Huma was never praised by fashion police, thanks to her bizarre looks.

But, surprising one and all, Huma appeared for a recent photo-shoot in an extreme hot mode, though she did not reveal much. As being hot and revealing are not always mutually inclusive, Huma Qureshi kills it in her traditional outfit. 

Isn’t she hot folks?

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