Sexy ladies like men with hair on their chests

parineeti-alia-sonamThis is one if its kind of surveys which we usually do not get to know about that often. Coming to the point straight, recently a media house caught every heroine on camera to check out if they like men with hairy chest or clean shaven. Without feeling awkward to talk about intimate stuff, many hot unmarried hotties revealed their preference.

Usually no girl would prefer to answer such peraonal questuons in public but these bold and beautiful girls are an exception to this. The question was first bounced to outspoken lady Sonam Kapoor. “I like men with little hair on them. That looks sexy”, said Sonam. When the same question was bounced to naughty youngster Alia Bhatt, she ridiculed the idea of clean shaven men. “A hairy chest is always an exciting thing”, the Highway actress avers. What about Srilankan beauty Jackqueline Fernandez? “I’m for hairy chest only as it gives that manly touch”, she joins the chorus.

But not all ladies like men with hairy chest like our Shruti Haasan, “Hairy chest gives a tinge of pleasure” as she says. Ask our hip-beauty Ileana, as she quips in her Goan ascent that hairy chest is a turn off. “I like it clean shaven”. She is joined by world’s popular former adult actress Sunny Leone too. “Clean shaven anytime”, the Indo-Canadian actress says. Of course, we know that.

And to add more spice to this, lastly the question was thrown to none other than yesteryears beautiful lady Madhuri Dixit . And without any hesitation, Madhuri claims that she wants her man with clean shaven chest always it seems. That’s the story folks.

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