Sexy Model filed 100cr defamation case!

Actress-Poonam-Pandey-Latest-Cute-Hot-Exclusive-Black-Dress-Cleavage-Spicy-Photos-Gallery-Z1The sexy Model turned actress Poonam Pandey, wooed her lakhs of fans with bold photoshoots and raunchy videos, has got annoyed with the media. Recently, a prominent media house published a report stating that Poonam Pandey underwent an abortion at a Mumbai hospital on the 18th Jan.

Dnying the reports, The hot model warned the media house of a legal suit. Now, Poonam claimed in her latest interview that she has filed a defamation suit against the media house for a staggering 100 crores.

Poonam Pandey on Her Abortion:

“I have filed a Rs 100 crore defamation case against the media house so that they think 100 times before writing anything like this against any celebrity. One more reason to file the case is that I am deeply hurt by such a baseless story,” Poonam said.

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