Sexy Samantha calls her director Pig?

actress-samantha-rejects-queenIsn’t this shocking? One might have head weight but, isn’t this too much for any actress that scolding a director in such filthy language? One must be believing that it could be a false news but, its true. As per our sources, it is learnt that Samantha has scolded a director using the word Rascal & Pig? Here is the on.
People assume Samantha is a calm person and doesn’t lose her cool at all. In reality, She is very much short tempered and the only aspect that’s saving her is that she don’t show it.
Recently, A director had irritated her by shooting the same scene again and again for half-an-hour. In a fit of anger, Samantha scolded him with the words ‘Rascal, Pig and etc.,’ No one other than Sam knows that she was angry on that day and even scolded the director as she doesn’t show it openly.
So beware folks, never try to pull her legs or irritate her for any reason, or else she will just take on you and nails you to sheer embarrassment without any doubt.

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