Sexy Samantha irritating top Hero?

Samantha at Hepatitis B Vaccination Camp (6)They just don’t say that ‘Curiosity kills the cat’ . When you see a curious mind like Samantha, one would definitely agree with the above line. Well, as per our sources , it is learnt that, Samantha has been irritating Vikram off late on the sets of “10 Enrathukulla”. Let us know what for she does so?
It is heard thatk soon after the completion of her shot, Samantha walks straight away to Vikram for knowing things like how does he prepare himself for every role. Especially, She was very curious to know about the story of ‘I’, how much time it took for make-up in Shankar’s ‘I’ and many more.
However, Vikram isn’t keen on revealing any secrets of ‘I’ as it spoils the ‘wow’ factor when she watches the film. Neverthless, Samantha is determined to know more about the magnum opus and constantly asks him to speak something about it. At times, Vikram seems to be feeling inconvenience because of this reason.
Hello baby, don’t irritate people like this dear. It might effect your career some way or the other.

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