Sexy siren keeping her curves in tact at gym

samantha_south_actress-normal5.4It is quite a must practice for any heroine to keep herself fit all the time . Hence , every girl in this glittering field to do regular work outs. Here comes a video, which shows the weight lifting skills of Chennai beauty Samantha, where in she is seen lifting some good 95 kgs with an ease.

Of course, Samantha would never dare to do such risk without any trainer. She is in fact being supervised by a foreign fitness trainer. Samantha will be doing these full box squats, 3 sets of 5 sit-ups every alternate day in the gym. This exercise helps her get the desired fitness, shape and keeps her fat at check. By looking at Samantha’s physique, no one would expect her to pump iron in such heavy numbers. What say folks?

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