Sexy siren went for snail therapy

Sonal-Chauhan-In-Beautiful-Saree-5-12You must be wondering like what is this snail therapy right? Here is the news read on.
Sonal Chauhan has tried Snail Therapy (usually helps to tighten the skin) during her recent visit to London and it costed her 160 pounds (INR 15,000).

Claiming that she has never done even a facial before, Sonal Chauhan says she preferred Snail Therapy as she wants to cheque whether all the good things she has heard about it were true or not. She even checked if the snails were bred under hygienic conditions before going for it.

The skinny babe had weird feeling when snails crawled on her face initially but later on she got used to it. After the therapy, There will be deep massages and spa procedures as well. The process lasts for 30 minutes and Sonal says she could feel the difference.

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