Shahrukh To Appear In Court To Record Statement

During the promotion of his film Raees, Shah Rukh Khan decided to undertake a train journey from Mumbai

to Delhi. He boarded Kranti Express from Mumbai and a massive crowd gathered to catch a glimpse of

Badshah of Bollywood in all the stations.

Fahreed Khan Pathan, a fan who was caught in the crowd trying to catch a glimpse of the actor, died of

heart attack at Vadodhara station on Jan 23. SRK had even condemned the heartbreaking incident.

Later, a Mumbai-based advocate filed a case against SRK and the production company of the film for

planning such a promotional event. Post this, an order was sent to Railway police by a judicial

magistrate court to submit a report on the incident within 45 days.

It is to be noted that SRK is one of the co-producers of Raees and thus he is now summoned to appear in

court to record his statement along with Excel Entertainment. SRK is asked to appear in person within a

week to explain his side.

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