Shankar is not my Guru:-Rajamouli

Shankar is not my Guru:-Rajamouli,Shankar ,Rajamouli,Rajamouli About ShankarIn a media interaction , SS Rajamouli opened up about how he feels when people compare him with director Shankar.
“When I started as an assistant director, visual effects was not a filmmaking tool. Filmmakers were not using VFX much back then. To my knowledge in Telugu, Shyam Prasad sir was the first use visual effect, and he used to enhance the emotions. Then I saw Shankar sir who used VFX to enhance the magnanimity of the film. Those two are best to users of visual effect in our generation of directors. Whoever is doing VFX today have learned the art from those two directors. I will not say he is my Guru because I have never worked under him but a part of me is happy when people associate my name with him. But please do not compare Shankar sir with me.

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