She is a naughty girl

1356018363_kajal-agarwal-hot-hd-imagesWe usually do not get to see the other side of the heroes and heroines, unless and until they themselves share anything with media. As the film is the only source to know about film stars, we just get to see what they do on screen but will have no idea what they do off the screen or about their past. Here is one childhood memory shared by seductress Kajal Agarwal to media the other day.
Kajal Agarwal is known for her ‘naughty’ acts on silver screen and highly active behavior off the screen. She is bold enough to speak her hearts out on any issue. Here she herself revealed an unknown side of hers ,which goes like this. ‘I’m the most spoil brat as I have a finger poked in every faulty issue that happens in our class.”
While studying 10th class, Kajal along with her friends participated in a science exhibition in Mumbai. As the exhibition hasn’t interested a lot, she left the place immediately. After searching everywhere, Kajal’s teachers informed her parents that their daughter is missing from the exhibition.
Much to their shock, Kajal’s mother revealed that their daughter is home already and watching TV. Shocked teacher having nothing to do but leave the spot. Revealing this ‘science exhibition’ drama, Kajal blushes. Mischievous kid…isn’t she?

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