SHE is back with hot photo shoot

Meera chopraCan one forget that sexy structure and candid looks of hers? Meera Chopra, one of the finest actresses with the best physique sizzled in few Telugu films and she is better known as Pawan Kalyan’s Bangaram heroine for many. Though she is a cousin of Bollywood’s happening heroine Priyanka Chopra, Meera failed to grab the attention. Lagging behind with flops and no offers, Meera Chopra stuck up with a murder case later on.

Now Meera Chopra is on trails to make a powerful comeback and here she has gone hot in traditional look as a part of bounce back attempt. Meera Chopra is undoubtedly one of the hottest girls in films now, but she has to put herself on right track. Let us see if any director melts for her hot appeal!

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