She is gone if she fails this time

Tamanna Latest Pics (19)It is quite a common thing for any actor or actress to go through a rough phase in their careers. Few bounce back,but few can never . Milky beauty Tamanna is one of those actresses who is having really a bad time at present. All her recent outings were bombed big time at the box office down the South. Though she had lots of hopes on her Hindi movies, Tamanna fate didn’t favor her in Bollywood too.
As of now, Tamanna has Bellamkonda Seenu’s movie and also ‘Baahubali’ in her hands. But no single flick on sets in Bollywood. When this sexy lady started losing hopes, a plum offer from Kollywood has made Tamanna relax a bit. Tamanna recently got an offer from Kollywood in which she is roped in to act beside hero Arya. Considering her track record in the recent times, we should say its really a great offer for her. Let us see if this Tamil flick can put Tamanna back to business.

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