She is the real life heroine of Manchu Manoj

Pranathi ReddyFianlly, here is the first ever exclusive pic of Manchu Manoj’s fiancée Pranathi Reddy. As we all know that both Manchu Manoj and his friend Pranathi Reddy are going to get engaged in a couple of days at Park Hayat hotel, Hyderabad. Since the announcement has come out from Manchu family, everybody was so eagerlu waiting to have a look at Pranitha Redyd, but her pics were no where available.

Dr. Manchu Mohan Babu here by decided to introduce his younger daughter in-law to the world. Sharing her pic to the media, Mohan Babu stated that she is going to be his second son’s wife and will be his third daughter from now onwards.

Pranathi Reddy seems to be a real better half for Manchu Manoj right?

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