She kissed her new boyfriend in public

ShanewarneIt is a known fact that Hollywood actress, Elizabeth Hurley was in deep love with Australian’s legendary cricketer Shane Warne few years back. But some how, they didn’t take their relation further and parted their ways in no time. Any how, either of them couldn’t stop their continuous affairs, as Shane has set up a new girl friend for him in no time. And now it looks like Elizabeth Hurley has found her man in the form of Evgeny Lebedev.

Elizabeth was spotted with this Russian born businessman the other day at a private dinner party at London. Evgeny is 14 years younger to Elizabeth. But love doesn’t see all that right? It is learnt that both these couldn’t take hands off each other for a minute at least it seems. Despite of many guests around, these two went on kissing each other so passionately at the end of the dinner party it seems.

Shane. what’s your take on your ex-girl friend’s act in public? Feeling jealous?

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