She needs a Greek boy friend with British accent it seems

Sonarika-Bhadoria-on-the-sets-of-Devon-Ke-Dev-MahadevThis might sound little funny and ibteresting but don’t yiu want to know who has such unique wish to fulfil? Well, she is none other than the cutes actress Sonarika Badoria, who shot to fame as goddess Parvathy on TV soap opera Devon Ke Dev Mahadev. We all learnt that Sonarika is debuting in Tollywood as heroine. She will be seen as leading lady of hero Naga Shaurya in the upcoming movie “Jaadugadu”.

Like any other girl from North, Sonarika too feels so excited about her big debut in South film, Sonarika speaks about the kind of boyfrind she wants in real life. She doesn’t want a Jaadugdu but a Greek boyfriend. “My biggest fantasy is to find a Greek boyfriend with British accent. Greek men are hot and British accent is lovely. I’ve never met someone like that, so fingers crossed”, says Sonarika. Let us wait and see if she can be successful in finding such guy in the future.

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