She paid him to slap her in public?

2013_09_11_09_09_26_gauhar-khan7Well, we have seen many kinds of marketing or publicity stunts but no one could even imagine that one would hire a person to get slapped in a public gathering ?Well to many’s surprise, here comes such news so late. You all must have remembered that Bollywood actress Gauhar Khan was slapped in public by a random guy for wearing skimpy outfits.

That assaulter who slapped Gauhar Khan on the sets of a reality show started giving a twist in the tale. He now claims that he was paid by Gauhar Khan to slap her in public so that she would get attention National wide. While shooting for the show India’s Raw Star, one accused Akil Malik has slapped Gauhar accusing her of wearing short clothes despite being a Muslim.

‘As per the assaulter Akil Malik, “Gauhar Khan promised me a role in Salman Khan’s Dabangg 3 if I slapped her on the stage. Also I got paid to do that. My earlier statement was given as directed by Gauhar, but as she now distanced away from our deal, I’ve made to voice out the truth’, he said.

Undoubtedly, Akil is changing words now on the pretext of some lawyer’s advice, say legal experts, who believes that no actress would use such a sensitive issue for publicity and fame.

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