She wants respect but not sympathy it seems

Shweta-Prasad-Photo-ShotAfter a horrible stay at rescue home for almost two months, young actress Swetha Basu has come back to her normal life. On this occasion, the other day she spoke to a local Mumbai based daily and shared her thoughts . Read it in her own words.

“I don’t have the access to talk with media during my stay in rescue home, then how can I give that statement. Never said I was forced into prostitution,” she explained.

Swetha Babu revealed that her grandfather died when she was in rescue home and she wasn’t able to attend the final rituals. She doubts her grandfather might have passed away because of these cooked-up stories.

Responding to the offers she has been getting in the recent past, Swetha Basu made it clear she would sign those projects only if she feels she fits into them. “I don’t want to take up anything offered to me out of sympathy. Being an actor, I deserve respect,” she told

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