SHE wants to bring my Baby:Samantha

SHE wants to bring my Baby:SamanthaAfter a long schedule in Haridwar n Udaipur, finally Brahmotsavam team is back in town. The film sets have surprise visitor yesterday and it was none other than Mahesh’s cute daughter Sitara. Sitara accompanied by mom Namrata visited the sets and she had some lighter moments with heroine samantha.

Samantha said Sitara asked her to bring her baby to play. Sam tweeted “Sitara we have a play date but she wants me to bring my baby along. Now how to arrange for that by Saturday”.There were rumors that Sitara will appear in Brahmotsavam film for a few seconds. The script of the film features the character of a child and the director has reportedly planned on roping in Sitara for the role. Not much is known about her role in the film.

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