SHE  Was Asked to Sleep With Hero?

SHE  Was Asked to Sleep With Hero,SHE  Was Asked to Sleep ,Radhika ApteKabali Heroine Radhika Apate has said in an interview, that she has gone through the horrors of casting couch .However, she turned down the deal by being rude to the south actor who had offered her the role.
When a Bollywood film came Radhika’s way and was asked to meet them with a condition that she would have to sleep with that person. Radhika said she laughed it off and strongly told him that she is not that type. She then dared to shout on the person- ‘go to hell’.
Radhika was in the news recently for her ‘semi-nude’ act and intimacy scenes in her upcoming film Parched due for release in India on 23rd of this month.

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