“Shiva” is all set for a re-release soon?

ssTelugu film has been divided into two like before Shiva and after Shiva. Tolywood has seen number of epic and blockbuster movies right from the beginning but no picture has got such respect and honored like Shiva did ,they say. The other day, the entire team of “Shiva” have celebrated the silver jubilee year of its making and also a special documentary has been released on 7th October.
 However, RGV’s direction inspired many budding directors to come up with really innovative scripts and thoughts. He was almost like the inspiration to the young directors all over India.   As the movie completed 25 years, the cast and crew thought of making a documentary. This documentary was launched on October 7th, 2014. Nagarjuna was very happy to share his thoughts and feelings during the shoot of Shiva. He tells that he had the best time ever shooting for a movie.
  Nagarjuna also adds that the re-mastered version would be released next month. It would be screened almost in 100 theaters, claims Nagarjuna. So, that’s good that he wants to satisfy his fans. But, why is Nagarjuna keen on re-releasing “Shiva” again? Just to celebrate the occasion or is it because he is not seeing any success off late by his regular films? What do you think guys?

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