Shocking News: Avatar composer Dead in a Plane crash

Article Lead - wide997475061ghvcttimage.related.articleLeadwide.729x410.ghvcol.png1435038249600.jpg-620x349One of the most stupendous composers, the music world has ever seen, James Horner is feared dead in a plane crash yesterday (June 22) near Santa Barbara in Southern California. Reportedly, Horner was flying a single engine flight which crashed under tragic circumstances. He apparently was the only person on board.

James Horner (61) has won several awards, including the most coveted Academy Awards. Some of his most popular works are the Brave Heart, A Beautiful Mind, Titanic, Avatar etc.

It must be noted that he was currently working on James Cameron’s Avatar 2. This sure is a big loss to the musical world. Rest in peace James Horner!

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