Shriya in Gopala Gopala impresses everyone

shriya saranThat would be definitely a different feeling when we see a girl sporting an absolute traditional look, who usually is known for wearing skimpy out fits and exhibits her assets to the core. Here is glamour doll Shriya, who is now playing a decent role in “Gopala Gopala”,a remake of Hindi super hit flick “Oh My God”. Shriya is one artiste who looks beautiful in both modern and traditional outfits,which was proved on many occasions. We have seen her in a lovely innocent village girl in Manam.

And in “Gopala Gopala” , Shirya is playing the wife of Victory Venkatesh. Her first look in the film is revealed today,which is getting quite a good response for her decent homely look in traditional saree.

“Oh My God ” is being directed by Kishore Pardhasani (Dolly) of Thadaka fame and jointly produced by Suresh Babu along with Sharath Marar.

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