Shruti Haasan on Katamrayudu!

Katamarayudu Movie First Look Posters,Katamarayudu Movie First Look Photos,Katamarayudu Movie First Look Pics,Katamarayudu Movie First LookTalented actress Shruti Hasan is acting in many crazy projects including ‘Katamarayudu’ pairing with Pavan Kalyan. She has expressed her opinions on her selection of movies. She has shared her views on selection of remakes. ‘I would honor original film. I like directors, who do not damage it and show with difference. If such directors approach me, I cannot say ‘no’ to them. If beauty of original movie is shown with nativity, remakes would surely be successful. I have done many remakes in Telugu, Hindi and Tamil and other languages. Doing dubbing for tri-lingual movies is like writing different kinds of examinations. I would try to understand original character while doing remakes. I would try to act in my own style and fashion. Then, I would have utmost satisfaction,’she has explained.

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