SI Reddy enjoying with family in the USA

Srinivasa ReddyDo you remember SI Reddy? Yes, Tollywood’s one of the ace comedians Srinivas Reddy has gone to next level with his latest outing as SI Reddy in recently released “Patas”. Srinivas Reddy has managed well to tickle the funny bones of the audience through out the movie . After “Geetanjali”, Srinivas Reddy has scored good marks for his timely punch dialogues and for his versatile comedy action. He is now busy with handful of offers,but Srinivas Reddy thought of giving it a break before he fulfils them. Hence, he has gone for a two week trip to the USA along with this wife and daughter.

He is seen enjoying the snow along with his family and later he went to Disney Land. As soon as he returns , with the busiest schedule he has, Srinivas Reddy might not get such free time for few months .

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