“S/O Satyamurthy” scores a million in quick time

SON_of_Sathyamurthy_New_Latest_ULTRA_HD_Posters_WallpapersNow a days, Youtube has become the biggest platform for film makers to promote about their film in a wide range. Every body is using you-tube to good effect these days. Recently Stylish star Allu Arjun proved it all. The teaser of his latest movie is up and counting 1 Million (10 lakhs) hits.

Here’s what the producer says:

It’s only a matter of few days that S/o Satyamurthy will be hitting screens worldwide. The unit is delighted to see the warmth from film lovers, especially on social networking platforms from the colourful day of Holi ( 6 March) with a daily release of an publicly material starting with a pre look and then extended pre-look teaser on Youtube which went on to manage more than 9 lakh views. And then followed by the likes of the 3D motion poster earning 2 lakh views, then the teaser 10 lakh (single channel) and finally the trailer with 10 lakh views (single channel in 3 and half days) in addition to the jukebox amassing 4.5 lakh views

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