Sonam Kapoor diagnosed with diabetes?

Sonam_Kapoor,_Sridevi_at_singer_Raveena's_album_launchThis is an absolute shocker to many in Bollywood to know that style diva of B-town, Sonam Kapoor is diagnosed with diabetes. Recently Sonam Kapoor is down with Swiine flu and got discharged from Mumbai’s Kokilaben hospital after a week-long treatment. Before that, she was admitted in hospital for being sick and tired. A report has now emerged that there is a shocking reason behind these happenings.

Now a days , Bollywood circles have stated that Sonam Kapoor is suffering from diabetes. Generally we see youngsters suffering from diabetes very rarely. But Sonam used to be very fat and suffered from obesity earlier. Only after slimming down by shedding oodles of weight she has become a heroine. Probably she might have got affected by Diabetes then.

We get to know the truth only if Sonam speaks on this..lets wait an see.

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