SPB’s at his best of humbleness

SPBRenowned singer SP.Balsubrahmanyam is known for his down to earth nature and his humbleness towards his seniors and other senior technicians. He always pay his utmost respect towards his seniors whenever he gets a chance. SPB has seen all the lows and highs in his long career till date. He has set many milestones in terms of singing. He has lacs of admirers in and out of the film industry and also across the globe. Despite of getting so many awards,rewards and huge fan following , SPB still remains grounded all the time.

The other day SPB has posted few snaps of him with legends director K.Balachander and writer Ganesh Patro. He recently invited both of them to his Paaduta Teeyaga show as judges. What shocked everyone is the moment they graced the show, he prostrated at their feet.

And that gesture shows how respectful he is towards both Balachander and Ganehs Patro. Those pictures SPB shared the photos of legends and his magical moments with them after hearing the shocking demise of K.Balachander and Ganesh Patro. Those photos show hot strongly SPB is bonded with late K. Balachander. It is always a treat to watch those legends together sharing some light moments isn’t it?

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