Special Cover for Kabali by IPD

Kabali not Leaked,Kabali ,Kabali Release ,RajinikathKabali release is going to release within 12 hours and the buzz is getting higher and higher. Many companies, agencies are involved in promotional strategies for the film, the Indian Postal Department has also joined in this bandwagon now.
The Karnataka Postal Circle and Chennai Postal department have joined hands with a private aircraft for this initiative.
It is reported that they will bring out a ‘Special Carried Cover’ to mark the special aircraft that will carry fans from
Bengaluru to Chennai on July 22, on the day of Kabali movie release.
A press note released by Post Master General Mervin Alexander states, “Rajinikanth’s Kabali is releasing on the 22nd July
and a private aircraft is bringing passengers to Chennai to watch the film. This is the first time for such an event to be
conducted for a film. To celebrate this occasion, Savings Wing of Indian Postal department is set to release special First
Day covers. These will be brought in the special aircraft which carry the passengers from Bengaluru and will be handed
over to the Savings section of the Postal Department”.
These special covers will have the postmarks of Chennai and Bengaluru airport offices. Generally from a philatelic
perspective, these special First Day covers hold a significant value. It is said that these covers are of limited edition
and will later be available for sale at  Philatelic Bureau Bengaluru GPO and Anna Road Head Post Office, Chennai.

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