Spider-Man At The Nalanda School Vengal Rao Nagar

Kids go ecstatic on sighting Hollywood character

Hyderabad, 3 rd July, 2017: Hollywood character Spider-Man was on a

visit to the Nalanda School, Vengalarao Nagar, as part of the pre

launch promotion of’ ‘SPIDER-MAN HOMECOMING’, on Monday at

Nalanda Educational Institutions, Vengalrao Nagar, Hyderabad. The movie

which is due for release on 7 th July, 2017, is hitting the screens in English,

Hindi, Tamil and Telugu languages.

Over 400 school kids who were waiting to have a glimpse of their favorite

character, Spider-Man, went ecstatic on sighting him. Several of the kids

amongst the audience came aptly dressed for the occasion by donning the

Spider-man suits and were seen trying to imitate their super hero. As the

kids were awed by the very presence of the Spider-Man, he went about

performing various skits and daredevil stunts, entertaining the kids to the

hilt and his every move was seen drawing applause from the startled


Not holding back, the kids went about on a selfie taking spree. Srinivas

Raju, Vice-Chairman, Nalanda Educational Institutions, was present on the

occasion and received Spider Man at the school. He said, Spider Man

epitomises two important characteristics of hard work and discipline, which

every child should imbibe. Students formed a huge human chain to express

their sense of delight.

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