Sridevi shocked Rajamouli!

Sridevi_during_audiolaunchFor Sivagami character in Baahubali Rajamouli first approached Sridevi. However for some reasons she rejected it and the role went to Ramya Krishna. Now everyone started hailing her for the powerful performance. It is coming out that Sridevi shocked Baahubali makers by demanding a whopping 6crs. Wonder if Sridevi is ruing the lost opportunity. In the same way Rajamouli planned to cast Hrithik Roshan in Hindi version.

Rajamouli said “We had plans to dub and release it in Hindi right from the beginning. The success of Makkhi and the scale of Baahubali are the commercial reasons. The story being universal, with simple human emotions at the core, we were confident that it would appeal to Hindi-speaking audiences as well,”

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