SriDevi visits Sri Kalahasti temple

downloadToday, Sridevi, visited the Sri Kalahasthi Temple along with her elder daughter Jhanvi Kapoor. The gorgeous diva performed Rahu Ketu Sarpadosha Nivarana Puja as her doting daughter accompanied her during the entire rituals.

Sridevi’s sudden temple visit and performing the Rahu Ketu prayer has become a talk of the town as several rumours have been doing the rounds about Jhanvi’s filmy debut in this year. Usually, Rahu Ketu Sarpadosha Nivarana Puja is performed towards off any evil and gain fame and prosperity in life.

Jhanvi is now 18 years old and a lot has been written about her Bollywood debut this year. Jhanvi has been grooming herself to become an actress and is reportedly taking dance and acting classes. The Kapoor teen was also rumoured to be playing the lead role in Akhil’s debut film.

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