Sruthi Hasan is launching OXYZEN Motion Poster

Sruthi Hasan is launching OXYZEN Motion PosterThe motion poster of the much anticipated film oxygen is scheduled for release on thursday.  The team has confirmed that actress-singer Shruthi Hasan will release the poster through YouTube and Twitter after 5 pm. Earlier this month, the team had released its first look which garnered positive reviews and gained much curiosity. This motion poster is said to have been made in a whole new tone and color.
The film is directed by a.m. Jothikrishna and stars Gopi Chand, Anu Emmanuel, RashiKhanna, jagapatibabu, Shyam,  Music is composed by Yuvan shankar raja and vetri handles the camera.
Cast: Gopichand, Anu Emmanuel, Rashi Khanna, jagapatibabu, kick Shyam, Ali,,Chandramohan,amith, Prabhakar ,brammaji, Abhimanyu singh
Art – Milan
Music – Yuvan shankar raja
Choreography – Brinda
Stunts – Peter Hein
Lyrics- ramajoggaiya sastry

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