Sruthi Hassan clears the Air

Sruthi Hassan clears the Air,Sruthi Hassan ,Kamal Hassan,GouthamiThere were rumours in the media that Shruti Haasan’s apparent disagreements with Gautami who is the stylist in Sabash Naidu.

To clear this rumours, Shruti’s spokesperson says “Sruthi Hassan role in Sabash Naidu is that of a young, feisty girl who’s grown up in Los Angeles, who uses fashion as an expression of her quirky and devil-may-care attitude. Keeping this brief in mind, Gautami brought in a set of clothes for Shruti when the look test was happening in the pre- production stage.

The core team mutually felt the look needed more to be added and specific feedback was shared with Gautami.

Being a thorough professional herself, Gautami understood and brought in a new set of clothes which seemed to work better. Shruti in fact, added in elements from her own closet to help Gautami and to make the looks really pop up on screen given that she has lived in LA herself and is someone with a very distinctive sense of style.”

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