Sruthi Hassan collaborates with Rock Band

Shuthi HassanShruti Hasan is a miulti talented person. She is busy with the acting. Now she wants has lent her vocals for some films. she didn’t tried it seriously up to now. As per our sources the actress is all set to release a music album. For this the actress collaborates with a British alternative rock band called Dinosaur Pile-Up. She will be singing and co-writing songs with them. The tracks will be part of the outfit’s upcoming album.
Shruti, who has also written songs for her former band, The Extramentals, in the past, made sure that she brainstormed on the lyrics for the tracks with the members of the British band. Shruti has made a couple of visits to London and has been meeting and jamming with the English Alt Rock band Dinosaur Pile-Up band members – lead singer and guitarist Matt Bigland, drummer Mike Sheils and bassist Jim Cratchley.She enjoyed the vibe of their music and felt it was in line with her own musical inclination.

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