SS Rajamouli creates a record on twitter

Photo-Story--SS-Rajamouli-s-funny-angle-1588We know there are many star heroes in India who has huge fan base . But there is one director who also has a huge fan base equal or more than any star hero down South. And any guesses who that star director could be? He is none other than SS Rajamouli , who now has achieved a milestone in terms of number of followers on mini blogging site twitter.

Rajamouli’s twitter page has now crossed 1 million followers which is the highest for a south Indian director. This is quite a feat keeping the vast range of talented directors which are present in the county, with the likes of Shanker , Maniratnam Ram Gopal Varma etc. Compared to all of them, Rajamouli is quite active on Twitter and shares his personal views about movies and other thoughts in general very frequently.

On the flip side, Rajamouli is currently busy shooting for his upcoming film Baahubali which will hit the screens in April 2015. As per the latest reports, except two songs, talkie part of the movie is wrapped up a couple of days back.

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