Star Comedian condemns his health rumours

991940198148Its been a long time since the rumours are abuzz that Star Comedian Venu Madhav is suffering from some health issues since two years and his days are numbered. Apparently, Venu Madhav kept quiet all these years but for the first time, he openly spoke about his health and cleared the air on those rumours.

Venu Madhav says that being an actor, he gets to visit different places in India and different countries worldwide. We get to eat all kinds off food though we don’t like at times. And such food, water might affect the immune system and hence we fall sick at times. Same thing happened to me but i don’t have any serious health issues like it is being speculated outside the film industry,adds Venu Madhav. “I am very healthy and working for four projects right now. Don’t ever think of sending me to God so soon,” he concludes.

Venu Madhav announced his plans to take a plunge into politics in future and pledges to fulfil all of his dreams. During 2014 General Elections, Venu Madhav campaigned for TDP. He wishes to contest as MLA in 2019 Polls.

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