Star Heroine Learns Telugu for Mahesh?

Star Heroine Learns Telugu for Mahesh,Mahesh Babu,Mahesh Babu Next Movie,Parineeti Chopra,AR MuragadossBollywood actress Parineeti Chopra, who is going to romance opposite Mahesh Babu under the direction AR Muragadoss will be entering into the South ,for the very first time.  The film will have Parineeti playing a very important role, and it is not like all other heroine roles that are only for songs. To be fit for her role in the film, the actress is now concentrating on taking the Telugu classes. The actress is learning the Telugu language to be prepared with her lines.
On the other hand, the actress already started getting habituated to the language and people. She started watching few films of Telugu. The film will be made as a bilingual in both Telugu and Tamil languages. The film is expected to be dubbed to the Hindi language too.

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