Star hero’s daughter has something to say

VaralakshmiWe have seen a few types of open challenges like Ice bucket challenge etc,which has spread world wide in quick time. Here comes one of such kinds of thing, but not a challenge kind. But this is something interesting more than ice bucket challenge,which is also meant for a noble cause. In Tamilnadu it is being promoted that ‘It takes two to quit an addiction’. Recently a wonderful on-line campaign was being aired where a friend quits eating junk and asks his friend to quit smoking. Popularised with the tag line ‘I Quit- U Quit’, this is one of the best anti-smoking and other addiction related campaigns.

For any such kind of innovative thoughts, it needs some support or publicity done by celebrities. Now everyone wonders if any celebrity has come forward to support this? Here comes Varalakshmi, daughter of star Tamil Hero Sarath Kumar.

Asking all of her fans to quit smoking, in return this hottie has given her addiction for coffee.’Quitting is easier said than done and Addicts need all the help they can get. I quit coffee, so you quit smoking #UQUITIQUIT’, said Varu, as she is fondly called, sharing a picture where she holds her last coffee cup. Currently busy with the shooting of director Bala’s upcoming movie that focuses on native Tamil dance culture, she is surely inspiring youths to quit smoking now.

It would be interesting to see how many would take up this task and respond positively to the appeal made by Varalakshmi.

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