Star writer again caught for drunk and drive

macha_ravi_drinkDespite of being caught a couple of times due to drunk and drive, and despite of paying hefty challans for the offence, Tollywood’w noted writer BVS Ravi (Machca Ravi) was again caught for drunk and drive last night .Telangana Transport Department has cancelled the Driving License of Tollywood writer BV Subrahmanyam alias Machha Ravi for allegedly getting caught drunk driving twice.

The Blood Alcohol content detected was more than the permissible limit. It was Raviteja who had sat beside him in the vehicle during this incident. Apparently, As this isn’t the first time he was caught for such an act and hence the Traffic Cops treated it very seriously.

Traffic Additional Police Commissioner Jithendar on Friday issued a press release stating orders have been passed by the Transport Department cancelling the Driving License of the Celeb for 6 months. Why are these film celebrities taking our police or their words for granted?

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