Story behind Aamir’s ‘pk’ title


Not only Tollywood, but every known film industry across the country was surprised to see Aamir Khaan’s film title to be ‘pk’. Everyone wondered that why did Rajkumar Hirani go for such a funny title for a hero like Aamir Khan’s stature?

Here is the answer for all such questions, which the makers of ‘pk’ has given it through aa dialogue promo of ‘pk’ ,which released the other day and caught everyone’s attention. In the dialogue promo of the movie, Aamir Khan explains to Anushka Sharma how did his name got christened as ‘PK’ and then few humorous scenes follow. The innocence and purity in Aamir’s role beautifully portrayed on the screen. We don’t want to spoil the fun by explaining everything in detail. Watch this dialogue promo to know what the actual secret behind the title.

‘PK’ will be releasing as a Christmas gift this year. Its unlike the commercial pot-boilers or romantic comedies we are used to seeing till date. Get ready for a fun filled film of Raj Kumar Hirani’s mark.

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