Story Behind Konidela Productions Establishment!

Story Behind Konidela Productions Establishment,Konidela Productions,Konidela Pro,Ram Charan,Chiranjeevi's iconic 150th filmMany stories have cropped up about the possible establishing of Konidela Productions, owned by Ram Charan and producing Chiranjeevi’s iconic 150th film. It was heard  that charan’s wife Upasna advised him to start this company, but Charan has something else to say.
“Actually Mama Allu Arvind wanted to produce Chiranjeevi’s 150th film, but my Mother expressed her desire one day that she want to produce at least one film. Then I conveyed to Mama that we will produce this film through her. That’s how Konidela Productions got started, but it’s Allu Arvind who is handling everything”, revealed Mega Power star.

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