Sudigali Sudheer gets emotional when he meets Chiru !

sudigali-sudheerComedian Sudigali Sudheer, who became popular with ETV Jabardasth comedy show was excited when Megastar Chiranjeevi welcomed him with love at Chiru House. Sudheer went to mega star hous to give invitation for his house warming ceremony. Sudheer was overwhelmed with joy when Chiranjeevi received him with affection and spent an hour with him. Sudhier has kept the same in his official face book…
I had best wishes from my “Star Megastar Chiranjeevi Garu” on the day I went to invite him for my House Warming Ceremony. I never expected that CHIRU SIR would give me an hour time to sit with him and talk. It was a DREAM COME TRUE moment. The way sir spoke to me was very welcoming and touching,I had been emotional and tears filled in my eyes with happiness. I was overwhelmed the moment he gave clothes to my parents and a present to me.
” What do we need more than this to know about this humble and great personality.”
That’s my Star, Mega Star, my inspiration, my role model.
Thank you so much CHIRU Sir.

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