Sunny “Leela” creating ripples in B-town

Sunny LeoneBollywood’s most wanted girl at present and ex porn star Sunny Leone is creating ripples with her every flick that she chooses these days. Sunny is giving tough competition to her contemporaries with her acting skills and of course, unlimited skin show. Her upcoming movie “Ek Paheli Leela” or simply “Leela” is going to be another sumptuous treat from this hot beauty .

Recently , in a song titled “Desi Look”, Sunny took it to next level by flaunting her curves big time. And latest song ‘Tere Bin Nahi Laage’ which has arrived the other day , creating more sensation in Bollywood now. By looking at this new song teaser, we can be sure to have a complete visual treat by Sunny. Let’s wait for “Leela” to strike the theatres.

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