Sunny’s two piece show creating ripples in B-town

Sunny LeoneBeing a porn star , it wouldn’t be a big issue to wear a two piece for sexy Sunny Leone. But, it would be an eye feast for all those who love Sunny for sure. Fans expect Sunny Leone to shed glamour to maximum extent in any film that she acts. Sunny Leone is now featuring as the main female lead in “Kuch Kuch Locha Hein”, for which she sported hottest two piece bikini. And you can find that in the above pic,where Sunny Leone is flaunting her curves in sexy two piece bikini.

“Kuch Kuch Locha hein” stars Ram Kapoor and Sunny Leone in the main lead, which is touted to be a sexy comedy that is devoid from vulgarity at the same time. Ram Kapoor confidently says that the comedy quotient in this film would entertain all sections of audiences . “Kuch Kuch Locha hein” is expected to release on 8th March, 2015.

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