Supers Star Clarifies On Supporting BJP!

Every time there is an election in Tamil Nadu, people wonder who a star like Superstar Rajinikanth is supporting. This upcoming by election in RK Nagar constituency in Chennai is the latest hot topic in the city and superstar himself has taken to his Twitter account to reveal who his support is for, this time.

Rajinikanth tweeted, ”My support is for no one in the coming elections”. This is sure to cause a roar on social media and many other celebrities have already started retweeting this and supporting his move.

It must be noted that photo of music composer/director Gangai Amaran, who is the BJP candidate in RK Nagar by poll, with Rajinikanth was going viral. This generally gave an impression that Rajinikanth is supporting the National party in the by-election which must have made the Superstar tweet about his stance.

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