Superstar keen on budget factor?

mahesh-babu-jan-16After experiencing couple of disasters back to back, Tollywood superstar Mahesh babu seems to have realized what is what and started taking precautionary measures in terms of production. After seeing so closely like how badly his producers have suffered huge losses by making films with him, Mahesh is said to be so serious now on the cost of production of his films. It is learnt that Mahesh is now personally involving in budget matters and it is heard that he has warned all his producers not to spend a single rupee more than 45 crores per film.

It seems the budget for 1-Nenokadine is 75 crores and Aagadu is 70 crores. But, the producers under went a huge loss. So, Mahesh doesn’t want again any producer to under go this kind of loss and so has set his budget limit to the producers. Mahesh Babu is now acting in Koratala Shiva’s movie being produced under Mythri Movies. Mahesh warned the producers that the budget shouldn’t cross 45 crores.

Well, Mahesh has been really good thinking of the huge loss to the producers if the movie doesn’t do well at the Box Office. What do you think is the reason? Are the flops of 1 and Aagadu lesson for Mahesh? Is Mahesh reducing his remuneration? Why did he set a limit to his producers?

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