Superstar Revealed His First Love!

Superstar Rajinikanth in a recent grand event, he was asked about his first love during his teenage by a famous personality. To this, he said:

“Yes. Even I had a first love. It was during my teenage in high school. A lot of people win with their first love. But with me, I did not win the heart of my teenage love.” On a lighter note, when asked the name of the person, he refused to say it. Such a blast from the past for the Superstar himself.

When he was asked what his least wish and his biggest wish was, he said, “Small wish was to buy a scooter, a small apartment and live a decent middle class life somehow.” Highest or greatest wish, he said was to give back to all his people and fans through good deeds and through good messages through his films and bring about a smile and change on their face.

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