Suriya Takes Producers Burden On His Shoulders

The strike on releasing Tamil films has just been revoked, and the film industry has been at an all-time low lately. The producer’s council has been voicing out the problems faced by the producers in the industry regarding funds and salary payments.

In an attempt to help the industry, actor Suriya has come forward to pay his assistants from his own funds. Earlier, the producers were paying the actors’ assistants, and this move from Suriya has been welcomed.

We spoke to Rajsekar Pandian, Director & Co-Producer of Suriya’s 2D Entertainment regarding this and he said, “In support of the ongoing move to revamp the Tamil Film Industry. As a senior member of the fraternity, Mr. Suriya voluntarily has offered to bear and pay all his personal entourage expenses during the shooting of his films henceforth. This will amount to 30-40 Lakhs depending on the number Of shooting days!”

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