Swathi opens up everything in “OHWRK “

swathiUsually most of the film celebrities won’t reveal much about their inner-side in any interview,fearing of further consequences . But there comes a time when one has to confess or share everything without hiding anything. Popular Telugu TV show “Open Heart With RK” is one of its kind of program, where every guest who participates the show discloses everything.
  Anchor-turned-Actress Colors Swathi is the guest on this weeks ‘Open Heart With RK’. In the show, She is the same bubbly girl whom we see on the screen and can’t find any difference.
Swathi commented Silver Screen life is colorful but every color needn’t be good. When asked what’s the comment that hurt her the most, She revealed people used to ask her why don’t he consult a doctor and remove the extra teeth.
The Pretty Girl went on to say People write stories like ‘Swathi has found a bakra’ even if she gets married. She believes that’s the biggest price actresses have to pay for being a film celebrity.
On the comment that Telugu producers and directors don’t encourage local talent, Swathi clarified she could neither urge Producer Suresh Babu or Some Others for offers nor complain for not getting them. She also shared a lot of people believe I didn’t receive the role that I deserve.
Swathi claims she is very talkative and even writes poems. She even opined people would begin speculating that she had no offers in hand if they come to know she reads lot of books. She also talks about receiving more marriage proposals than love proposals in this show and confirms she would prefer an arranged marriage on any day.

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