Swathi take pot-shots on BBC documentary

swathiIt is already known that a BBC documentary carrying an interview with Mukesh Singh, one of those convicted in the December 16, 2012 gang rape, justifying the brutality of the crime, triggered a furore. The documentary has stirred controversy and many celebrities from the film industry hit back at the rapist. Bubbly actress Swathi reddy also joined the chorus against the rape convict. Undoubtedly this documentary has disturbed everyone to the peaks.

Telugu girl Swathi too expressed her opinion about the documentary and said that she can’t say Happy Holi after watching the documentary.

‘’I can’t say Happy Holi after seeing the horrific documentary. Should I say be careful with the chemicals in colours or I need to ask the girls to be careful from such brutal men? How many such monsters walking our streets? ’’ Said Swathi.

Who has the answers for Swathi’s questions?

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